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In today,s complex and hostile world security has become a necessity for most industrial plants and corporations.

Industrial plants and corporations are turning to a security provider that can facilitate all types of security services .With the recent economic meltdown more companies are down sizing at an alarming rate. 

Capitol Security Services controls all employee and civilian access onsite and everyone is screened and announced before access is granted . GUARANTEE!!!!

This reduces the liability , Lawsuits and Workman's comp claims. Although Capitol Security Services is a security company SAFETY comes first in a industrial environment.

At Capitol Security Services we train our officers how to identified RED FLAGS such as employee behavior , Loners,Aggression . Mood Changes, any unpredictable behavior that is not normal. We will Confidentially reported to HR and upper management all incidents or regularities. If the plant has a Intruder

Capitol Security Services trains the staff on how to activate a proper LOCK DOWN program for your site.

Capitol Security Services is ( GMP ) Good Management Practice compliance . One of the few company 's in the industry that can service a client with a wide variety of services very rarer seen in the industry, for example.

Thru our corporate investigation division we have been able to assist our clients and reduce their employee theft ratio.

Capitol Security Services can also deploy a Armed Level III-A Security officer or Private Investigator any where in Dade County in 1 hour from the time the clients call. GUARANTEE!!!

Capitol Security Services will meet or exceed your expectations. If you would like a free assessment please contact us at 305-521-8700